We imagine you're like us, you look at your wardrobe in the morning and think: what am I wearing? This skirt is pretty, but it lacks something to make it stand out.

You know, we've found the solution: clap your clothes! In no time at all, CLIP CLAP, abradadaclap, your style will shine like never before!

Let's go for a demonstration in 3 styles, 3 claps :) 

Sunny's warmth on a bag

It's starting to get hot and all we want to do is pull out our summer star shorts and fuchsia pink sandals. Perfect for walking around in comfort during the hot weather. Something is missing though? Sunny comes to the rescue to brighten up your bag!
Clap sunny to illuminate your bag

Illuminating an evening outfit with Square 

You've got the perfect pleated skirt with a belt and a chic chic top. But what better way to look your best on the dance floor than with a Square on the belt? 

Clap Square for stylish outfit

The striking trench coat with Eymard 

The trench coat, the timeless garment that follows you on all your styles and that always looks good with its perfect cut. Yes, but isn't this beige a little too conservative? Well, Eymard Cook puts its darts on the back of the trench for a fun and colourful effect!

And you, how do you upCLApe your outfits?
Send us some pictures!