4 years!

And yes, 4 years of clapaux services!

In 4 years, we have launched claps galore, colourful, fun or committed 🥊we have been referenced in more than 60 points of sale around the world (Europe, Japan, USA), we have made pop up stores in dream places (And Other stories, Le Printemps, at the Musée des arts décoratifs...), we have collaborated with people and brands we love, we have built a great team 👩👩👧👧We challenged ourselves: what if we made recycled handbags made in Paris? And yes, we made bags and phone pouches made from leather scraps!

Birthday competition

Speaking of bags, what better way to celebrate this anniversary than with a Happy Plum bag! 

So we've decided to put together a great competition for one of you to win a clutch bag to brighten up your summer! 

Contest 4 years old - Happy Plum pouch


And the character in all this?

In 4 years, on this side, it was also quite emotional, I had 2 babies, 2 incredibly cute little girls (of course! 😍), a great job left, freelance assignments for crazy projects.

If the next 4 years are as productive and intense as the last, we won't be bored, and neither will you :)


What about our commitments?

Like many of you, during these four years we have also asked ourselves many questions about the world we live in. How will it all evolve, what is our impact on society and the planet? 

We are not perfect 💅We didn't find the answer to all our questions, we didn't manage to do everything we would have liked. If our claps are designed by us, in Paris, they are manufactured far away, in China, because it is there that we found the best supplier and the best quality.

But we did achieve some things: 

  • Our claps are made of zamac which is an alloy of 100% natural minerals, and a metal that can be recycled over and over again.
  • Our stock and logistics are managed by the ESAT Regain in Paris, which allows disabled workers to work in conditions adapted to them
  • We donate a part of the sales of two claps, La Bagarre and Pouvoir to associations (Gustave Roussy for the fight against cancer, and the Women's Foundation) 💪
  • Our range of clapboard leather goods is made from leather scraps from luxury houses and is assembled by a Parisian craftsman
  • We allow you to bring out all your forgotten clothes and accessories from your wardrobe


    Last but not least: spread the love

    Finally, 4 years is still small, but from the inside it's crazy, a unique experience, a life learning.

    And this wonderful adventure could not exist without your love and your desire to follow us in our clapmania so THANK YOU THANK YOU :)

    We still have a thousand ideas that we dream of seeing take shape, a thousand desires for development (and the children then, and the men then, and the dogs then! Let's clap everyone!)

    We hope you are ready!

    Because we are hot!


    Laura, head clapper.