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Friends & Clap Paris

Because at CLAP Paris we believe in encounters, synergies, beautiful people and strong commitments, we love to work hand in hand with brands and collectives that share our values.

We choose them carefully, in line with our desires, our values and our inspirations!

A collab to propose to us?

Clap & Chamaye

A funky and mischievous universe!

Chamaye and Clap Paris join forces to bring pep and funkiness to your daily life.

Five mischievous claps to clip on your hats and more if affinity.

For young and old!

Clap & Nach

The meeting of two pop, fun and colorful worlds!

The result: three porcelain wonders that will add a feline and animal touch to any look.

Clap & Le Closet

Fashion is much more fun when you have fun with it! We mix, we match, we renew our wardrobe, we dare and we laugh.

With such a state of mind, a collab with Le Closet, the subscription box that allows you to rent all the clothes you dream of.

Imagine, CLAP, and do it again!

Clap x What For

If there is one accessory with which claps match particularly well, it is shoes! Court shoes, sandals, moccasins, ankle boots, whatever the shape of the shoe, the clap always finds the right shoe.

This is how the collaboration between Clap Paris and WHAT FOR, a Parisian brand of trendy and modern shoes, was born!

You can find our collab in the WHAT FOR Bonaparte and Le Marais shops, from April 27 to May 25

Clap x Mountain Girl

We are all part of a gang: our daughters, wives, sisters, girlfriends, colleagues... Because they are us, and we are them. We move forward together, we stand together, we make each other laugh, we help each other, we support each other, we explore the unknown, we have fun, in short, together, with our girlgang, life is more intense. This is sisterhood at its best.

Clap Paris donates 10% of Girlgang sales to the Women's Foundation

Clap x Tajinebanane

Clap Paris is proud to be associated with Tajinebanane to defend the right to breastfeed for a day, a month, a year or more, at home or elsewhere.

A clap that can be worn by everyone, mums-to-be or just mums, breastfeeding or not, breastfriends, brothers, sisters... To give a clear answer to the reproachful looks on a nursing breast, let's clap MILKTAMERE everywhere, allthe time.

Clap x Polka

Capturing the present moment, the fleeting mood, the momentary pose full of grace. Photography is an art that proposes a reading of the world through the eyes of the person holding the camera. Telling stories, capturing an emotion, this is the beautiful ambition of Polka, and it is quite similar to that of CLAP Paris.

So when Clap and Polka started talking together, the camera clap instantly made sense between us! Because in the age of smartphones and 5G, we need more than ever to capture images of who we are, what we experience, and how time passes.

Clap x Caroline Drogo

The collaboration between Clap Paris and Caroline Drogo is a combination of glitter and esotericism! 

Three claps, imagined by four hands, which add a golden and magical touch to our outfits.
Claps to open your third eye, to see the future or to reconnect to the energy of the moon... 

Each clapper has its own power, you choose yours!

Clap x Leopoldine Chateau

Because Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love in all its forms and in a universal way, we wanted to offer you a box that was out of the box. So we went for a coffee with the wonderful Léopoldine Chateau and tadam!

Clap x Balzac

A garment or an accessory that lasts is also and above all a piece that you never tire of. That's why Balzac Paris and Clap have joined forces at the end of the year to offer you three exclusive sparkling creations. Created in Paris and made in Italy, these clip-on jewels will allow you to accessorize your outfits by making them 100% unique and 100% desirable!

Clap x Minelli

Our passion for beautiful shoes leads us to propose a crazy collab with Minelli. A shoe brand like no other that reinvents a daring and accessible femininity every season!

Clap x Superb x Hi Beauty

A girl power, pink and glowy collab: a concentrate of sisterhood, good vibes, friendship, creativity. We wanted to create flamboyant pieces that reveal our power, that awaken the Beyonce in us, the kind of pieces you strut around in 90s bitch mode. See what we mean?

Clap x Le Pigeon-Coq

The DIY leather goods workshop le Pigeon-Coq and Clap have joined forces to offer you an exclusive offer of this legendary animal dressed in gold, to be slapped on your cuffs made from Pigeon Coq leather.

Clap x Girlzpop

Discover POUVOIR, the collab' between CLAP and Girlzpop who for the first time unite their madness for a new project.

With : Inès Leonarduzzi, Céline Lazorthes, Siham Jibril, Sophie Trem, Violette Tannembaum, Meryem Benm'Barek, Stéphanie Allerme

Clap x Cat-Malo

CHAT-MALO makes cool sweaters for the whole family, CLAP makes clip-on jewellery. By teaming up we didn't make jewellery-sweats but rather cat-clips. The collab that's purring like crazy!

Clap x Bobonne

Clap ROSIE is a love story between feminism and style!

It is an act of rebellion, a stand and a sign of recognition.

We can do it💪