What is a clap?


We created Clap Paris to fight the monotony of everyday life.

Our claps are jewels that can be clipped everywhere (jacket collar, shoes, belt, hat...). It's the little original and offbeat touch that makes all the difference.

From 7 to 77 years old, Clap Paris dresses everyone, and allows all the forgotten items in the wardrobe to shine again!

What makes the difference

The originality of a clap

Who hasn't experienced a feeling of infinite sadness when opening their dressing room in the morning?

"I have nothing to wear"

The idea is that with a simple accessory, you can give life and colour to all your outfits that you think you know by heart.

Clap Paris puts an end to uniformity!

For example, those clothes you love so much but are showing the signs of age? Give them a second life by clapping them!

Going out tonight, but only have that one pair of shoes you've already worn 1,000 times? A pair of rhinestone claps and you're ready to shine.

Love this dress but the colour is a bit dull? Put a clap on it to wake it up!

Colours, shapes, bold or classic, with almost 100 different clap models, Clap Paris satisfies all tastes.

How is it used?

By the unit or by the pair

Simply open the clip, which is firmly attached to the back of the clap, and clip it onto the material you want: the fabric of a shirt, the leather of a belt, the canvas of a pair of shoes etc.

The clap is used :

by the unit
to close a neckline nicely for example

to the pair
to dress your feet in light before going out for the evening

or as an accumulation
to transform the buttonhole of a shirt!

And because all uses are interesting, we offer you a price per pair on all our models!
-15% off for a pair of claps of the same model

How do I take care of it?

Practice & maintenance

All our claps are made from zamac, an alloy of minerals which is particularly used in perfumery because it does not oxidise. They are therefore very resistant, and can go under water without any problem!

For models set with stones, be careful not to clutch them to jumpers or drop them face down.

With a little care (and love), your claps will last a long time!