For the clappers who have been following us for some time, you know that we launched a new range of clapable leather goods last fall. For those of you who are new to this: what are we talking about?
Colourful phone bags and pouches with a specially designed notch to slip in your favourite clap.
Oh yes, we think of everything!
Responsible bags & pouches
So how did the idea come about? We actually wanted to create bags and clutches in our image: colorful, fun with a touch of vintage and a bit of madness. 
Happy Plum clutch bag
When CLAP Paris combines local and upcycled leather!
To do this we started by looking for leather. But not just any leather! No, we wanted a responsible range and so all our leathers come from leather scraps of luxury houses, abracadaCLAP nothing is lost everything is transformed!
Luxury leather scraps - CLAP Paris
Once the leathers were found, the bags & pouches designed, we had to find out who was going to make them with love. We went to meet craftsmen, craftsmen close to us to produce near and well and in a will to advocate sustainability and to value the French craft industry.
As a result, each piece is made by hand, in an ultra-limited edition, with love, in a Parisian workshop where it smells like real leather.
And that was it! The clapboard leather goods were born.
Green Christine bag and clamshell
cuff and clap pigzon rooster
Prune Sauvage clutch bag and Venus clap
To summarize:
Our bags & pouches are therefore of high quality (but always colourful!), and as we work with leather scraps, the leather goods range to be clapped is always in very limited edition, almost unique.
Wild clutches and bags and their claps
And this is only the beginning! We have a lot of ideas in mind and we can't wait to show you all the new things that are coming!