Stronger than recycling, cooler than upcycling, trendier than contouring, here is upClaping! But what is it, you ask? 

Go away! 

If recycling is rather destroying a product to be able to reuse it in another form, upcycling means recovering an object to better divert it or revalue it: literally recycling from above. With upClaping, we decided to go even further and take out of the closet all the clothes you don't wear anymore so that they find a second life, thanks to a... Clap of course!

In short, we do cool with old, go away! 

To start top recycling, you must first stand in front of your closet, not thinking "I have nothing to wear" or "This is a big mess anyway", but asking yourself, what are the "Yes, but" pieces.

YesI like it a lot, but I can't wear it, too old, too sober, too seen, too classic ! Too many good excuses why it hasn't been worn for months... The figures speak for themselves, 70% of our wardrobe is destined to stay stuck in the closet for ever.

Once you've identified these pieces, it's time to contact a alteration specialist or a good friend with a fairy's touch to make that jacket tighter, shorten that skirt, or remove that collar that you can't see anymore, but there is a much simpler solution! The Clap...

Imagine your closet as Sleeping Beauty's and that someone offers you the magic wand of Cinderella's godmother, the one that will transform you into a witch of your wardrobe! Clip Clap Abracadaclap, the magic can only work... Sometimes all it takes is a little touch of new stuff to bring the dusty stuff back to life! 

Storm warning for your wardrobe! 

The upClaping is as many possibilities as you have clothes in your closet, an infinity (unless you are Marie Kondo and in that case hat):

1/ A bolted sweater and a pair of old-fashioned white pants? 

To give it that touch of personality, clip a Clap Daisy onto a belt (put the buckle on the back)!


2/ Perlimpinpin powder on your pumps

To bring some chic to your too classic pumps, nothing like a clap il cocco to clap on your shoes!


3/ Afraid to look like Marie-Chantal with your slightly traditional blouse? 

Clip a Palmito gold on a belt and you're done! Ciao traditional, hello cool! 


4/ Make the neckline pop

The Clap Artichou will be perfect posy on a neckline, proof to the contrary. 

5/ A new look for your wardrobe

You've got those vintage white jeans gathering dust in your closet, nothing like a few raspberries to take it out of spring!


6/ Boost your summer

You wore this dress all last summer, not to mention the one before. And yet... you feel so good in it that you would wear it to that bohemian wedding in the South. Don't hesitate, just slap an Eymard gold on it : your dress will never be the same again !

7/ Dying of humour in chains!

That chain is getting old and you don't know how to wear it anymore? Put a Pincemi around your neck, as a seasoned clapper, it will fit like a glove!


8/ Go out wearing a hat

In summer thou shalt enjoy the sun, but thou shalt avoid sunburn, and for that a headgear thou shalt wear! But not just any hat, a Bowoui thou shalt adorn! 

9/ Maliclap alert

Yes, that naiad glittering with a thousand lights while running in slow motion on the playa is really you! That black swimsuit that you used to wear only at the pool is back in style, and so are you! 

And we're not even talking about that belt that just needs to be woken up, that bag that was forgotten a little too quickly, and why not those pants that need to be lit up.

As you can see, there is no limit to an inspired upClapper! So let's get started?

To infinity and beyond!

I visit the clapshop for more inspiration