The so original jewel clip

 gift clap jewel to clip


We know it happens every year, and every year there's always a moment when you find yourself running around looking for a birthday - holiday - Christmas (delete as appropriate) gift, with no idea in your head. 

Fortunately, Clap comes to the rescue!
Better than a pin, easier to clip than a brooch, the clap is the perfect gift!


A clap to say I love you


You can give flowers or chocolate to your loved one, but you can also give them your love to clap on their clothes! What better way to keep love (always) present in your daily life than with a heart-shaped clap that can be worn from jacket to hat?


clap jewel to clip in the shape of a heart in the hair



clap jewel in the shape of a red heart clap jewel in the shape of a red mouth clap jewel in the shape of a pink heart



The CLAPement gift

There are DO's and DON'Ts of fashion, diktats to respect or risk a lapse in taste. But at Clap Paris, we believe that fashion is made for fun. A little offbeat touch, an accessory that stands out from the crowd, is definitely more fun and makes life much more enjoyable. So here's to furry dogs on your pockets, lobsters & crabs that put their claws on your jackets, dinosaurs that are completely grrrr and complete your look!


clap jewel in the shape of a dinosaur on a red leather bag


clap jewel in the shape of a dinosaur heart clap jewel in the shape of a red lobster  clap jewel in the shape of a royal poodle with fur



Monochrome of claps

Do your friends like it simple? So do we. (Sometimes). But you can do simple without being bland. Because a broth without spices, without herbs, without magic ingredients, is a diet soup, not very exciting. But a Pho soup with the scent of lemongrass, coriander and chilli gives sunshine to your plate and to your head! For all those who like simplicity with a strong taste, dive into our golden or silver monochrome claps.  
 Woman holding her head with belt decorated with gold claps clip-on jewellery


Clap jewel in the shape of a silver crocodile Clap jewel to clip on in the shape of a silver bee clap jewel in the shape of a silver lion


 clap jewel in the shape of a golden turtle clap jewel in the shape of a golden dragon


The big gift: double clap

 When you love a lot, you spoil a lot, so long live the claps in pairs! Discover the selection of two of the same claps for a wow effect. And the cherry on top? Round prices to make amazing gifts without breaking the bank!

Clap clap clap!


pair of blue pumps worn with a jewel clip-on shoe

clap jewel to clip multicoloured rhinestones round clap jewel to clip on daisy clap jewel in the shape of a square with shiny rhinestones




Let's face it, if the road is less rocky than before, there is still a long way to go before we reach true gender equality.
How can you show your convictions with a nice second degree and a touch of humour? With a clap, of course. Our claps are for all women who are proud to be them, to be women, and who are ready to conquer the world!
Girl Power!


clap jewel in the shape of a golden vulva placed in front of the crotch


clap jewel in the shape of a golden vulva clap jewel in the shape of a pink and red boxing glove  clip-on jewel in the shape of Frida Kahlo




& so many others to adopt

If you have reached the end of this article, you will have understood that at Clap Paris, there is something for everyone! Colour, humour, sobriety, oversized, our clip-on accessories are multiple and are waiting for you to make the java in your dressing room.
So dive into our website to find that little gem of a clap that will make the best gift in the world. Or if you prefer to touch them with your own hands, don't hesitate to check out the great shops that sell our claps. You can find an interactive map here. 
photo stand claps bijoux à clipper au printemps haussmann


By the way, great news! The Printemps Haussmann in Paris liked our claps so much that our stand will continue in the Joli cadeau space until spring. Come and see our claps in real life, and discover our exclusivities developed for Printemps!