How to accessorise a pair of shoes


Do you know many accessories that can sublimate your jackets and shoes in a single movement?
We do, and that's the strength of Clap Paris! At Clap, no needles that pierce the garment like a brooch, no thick picks that are hard to get through like a pin. No, no, no.
At Clap, we have chosen to clip, clap, clip: thanks to our clip-on clip, with a turn of the CLAP click, you can accessorise your outfit from head to toe.

And if there's one element of your wardrobe that will LOVE our claps, it's your shoes! Court shoes, sandals, moccasins or ankle boots, all shoes like to be played with a clap!


Why accessorise your shoes?

To revive a tired pair of shoes.


We all have one (or more) pair of shoes in our wardrobe that we love, and that we can't bring ourselves to throw away or give away. But how do you give them a new lease on life and a bit of youthfulness? With a clap, of course! Example with this pair of tired moccasins that are illuminated thanks to Shella. 



To go from active city mode to dancing night mode in a pair of claps!

No time to go back to the house to change before going out tonight? A pair of Ohgod, and your feet are ready to shine. 


Heeled sandals with coloured jewel claps


To put sunshine and lightness on our feet.

We get up in the morning, the sun is shining, and our mood barometer is reaching new heights. What if we added colour to colour, so that we could be bright from head to toe? 


Lemon yellow loafers with daisy clap jewel

The crucial question: one or two jewels on our feet?

Two feet: two claps

Because our left foot walks at the same pace as our right foot, we dress them the same, with a pair of claps. By the way, at Clap Paris, all the models benefit from a price per pair if you want to buy 2 copies of the same clap (about -20%). 

row of feet in sandals with jewel clap

The cool twist? We mismatch

We like the little touch of controlled audacity, the twist of the mismatched feet. I hesitate between the artichoke clap and the banana clap? One on each foot and off you go! 
black velvet pumps with artichoke and banana clap jewel

Or even more original, just go on one foot (cloche pied)

For an even stronger statement, don't hesitate to tap one foot (the right or the left, the choice is yours). Our advice? Use a clap in the form of a word. 

pair of trainers with word clap jewel

What if I want to see how to clap (pretty) shoes in real life?

If you're a Parisian or you're planning to pass through Paris this May, we have the solution! Clap Paris is currently collaborating with the very chic shoe brand What For, and a selection of our favourite claps is presented in two of their Parisian boutiques. It's a great opportunity to do a 2 in 1: fall for an incredible pair of golden sandals with red poppies that smell like summer for example! 


silver sandals jewel clap red poppy


Clap Paris x What For is from April 27th to May 25th, in these two shops:

WHAT FOR Bonaparte
51 Rue Bonaparte
75006 PARIS

WHAT FOR Le Marais
15 rue Vieille du Temple
75004 PARIS

So, are you ready to slap on all your shoes?
Beware, your feet will soon be unable to do without them!