It all started with a crazy observation: the production of clothing has never been so intense, and yet we have never needed to stand out so much.

So we created CLAP Paris, clip-on jewellery, thanks to which there is no need to over-consume: in two steps, clip-clap ABRACADACLAP all the forgotten items in the closet become 100% desirable and 100% unique.

With our cheeky accessories, we want to give everyone the opportunity to become the magician of her wardrobe. "Resurrect", "multiply", "reuse galore", so many formulas to use without moderation to upCLAP everything, without taking the trouble.


At CLAP Paris we create accessible and never boring everyday accessories: unique collections, straight out of our wacky tote bags, that we will always take care to imagine while having fun. With our flat clips we want to make fashion a game where everything can be reused and nothing goes out of fashion!

Our mission (of course accepted): to have fun and, above all, to entertain you!

Only one rule: GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Bye bye loose, hello fun! CLAP Paris is like the Coke of cola... or like the Dior of Christian... or the cool of Kiss, the rosette of Lyon... Essential, do we agree?


At CLAP Paris we like to: change our haircuts often, talk a little too loud and sing in bars, pet all the dogs, have lots of girlfriends in our gang and have fun!

(It was probably while doing all this at once that the idea came to us: crazy clips to clip everywhere, arriving in our lives by chance, as if to remind us that we should never take ourselves seriously, not even on our wedding day).

The commandments of your chief clappers? Always be creative, never take yourself too seriously, make little jokes, have the best gang and always be there for you.

At CLAP Paris we clip everything, all the time, forever (even the doggies).

What is a CLAP?


What is a CLAP? Nothing more simple: a golden metal jewel which can be enamelled or sometimes decorated with stones not precious at all.

Underneath: a clip like on our mothers' earrings and a small felt disc so as not to damage her clothes.

For the rest just remember the one rule: there are none.

Our CLAPS can be worn individually, in pairs or as a set. They can be clipped onto accessories (hats, shoes, bags, etc.), clothing (shirt collars, trouser belts, coat buttonholes), jewellery (necklaces, earrings, etc.) or living creatures (boyfriends, best friends or beloved pets). Only one instruction: splash yourself!

I'm Laura, your chief typist!

I guess you're all wondering how CLAP Paris was born? Simply from a desire to de-unify the world. 

With CLAP Paris, I create sparkling and colourful accessories to clip on, in a fresh, dynamic, light and joyful spirit. Cool, original, eye-catching jewellery, capable of transforming an outfit or an accessory in a CLAP, and brightening up our daily lives!

It is thus with my brain in turmoil that I invest this new playground and expression that CLAP offers me, with the possibility of creating, creating, creating to infinity!


To receive in your pocket a lick of fun, a good dose of inspiration and a cloud of madness! Sooooooo??? MAKE IT CLAP on Instagram!