An ocean of fun 💫

At CLAP we have a philosophy, to please you is to please us! And if you please your friends, it pleases you inevitably, which pleases us by ricochet, and PAF it makes an ocean of kiff ... ✨ To launch this virtuous circle of happiness, you just have to go on the site, to register to our loyalty program Club Clap and invite your friends.e.

300 points ⚡️

Each person you refer earns you 300 points! By sponsorship we mean cracking! If, like you, your sponsored friend loved clap and fell for one of our little wonders, you are the best!  

500 points 💥

And as soon as 500 points are accumulated, so 2 people (EASY!!), an alarm will sound at our place, we will break out the champagne to your health and we will offer you and your friends a super voucher for 5€!

1000 points 🌟

And finally the ultimate score to reach! As soon as 1000 points are accumulated, a £10 voucher to CLAPper as much as you can! 💪🏻 💕

💫 To start this virtuous circle....💫

👉🏻 go to the bottom of the page in the Pop Up "The Clap Club" to create your account! 🤩✨🥳