"I have nothing to wear! »

While standing in front of your closet, you have probably already found yourself facing this: 

"I have nothing left to wear"

"But what a mess this story is"

« Yes, I really like this outfit, but I can't wear it, too old fashioned, too plain, too seen, too classic! »

TOO many good excuses for her not being out for many months...

70% of our clothes are never worn

The figures speak for themselves: 70% of our wardrobe is destined to stay warm for ever.

But luckily we are here!  

So how do you reconnect with your closet?

A little lesson in voc(l)abular:

By recycling, a product is destroyed so that it can be reused in another form.

By upcycling, one recovers an object to better divert it or revalue it: literally recycling from above.

With upClaping, we decided to go even further and take out of the closet all the clothes and accessories you no longer wear so that they can find a second life, and all this thanks to... a clapper!

In short, we do cool with old, go away! 


Once you've identified those neglected pieces, that's when you might be asked to contact a alterationist or a good friend with magic fingers to cinch that jacket, shorten that skirt, or remove that collar you can't see anymore!

But there is a much simpler solution! The clap...

Imagine your closet as Sleeping Beauty's and being offered the magic wand of Cinderella's godmother, the one that will transform you into a witch of your wardrobe!

With great blows of Clip Clap Abracadaclap, the magic can only work...

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of a makeover to bring the dusty one back to life! 

The 10 symptoms of #clapmania

Which do not deceive...

Symptom #1

I have a bolted sweater and a pair of old-fashioned white pants. 

Remedy: I give it a touch of personality with a Clap Daisy on a belt and put the buckle on the back

Symptom #2

My comfortable pumps are a little boring

Remedy: Pitch powder on my pumps...

There's nothing like a clap il cocco to bring some chic to my too classic pumps!

Symptom #3

I have these little vintage white jeans collecting dust in my closet.

Remedy: Nothing like a few raspberries to take some of the spring out of her!

Symptom #4

My top is a bit old-fashioned and lacks a little je ne sais quoi!

Remedy: I emphasize my cleavage with Clap Artichou, which is perfect on a neckline, proof to the contrary. 

Symptom #5

I'm afraid of looking like Marie-Chantal with my slightly traditional blouse. 


Remedy: I clip a Palmito gold on a belt and it's done! Ciao traditional, hello cool! 

Symptom #6

I've been wearing this dress all summer, not to mention the summer before. And yet... I feel so good in it that I'd wear it to this bohemian wedding in the South.

Remedy: I don't hesitate anymore, I snap all my buttons and my dress will never be the same again!

Symptom #7

This chain is getting old and I don't know how to wear it anymore.

Remedy: I clap one or more Pincemi around my neck, it fits like a glove!

Symptom #8

In the summer I tend to blush, but I find all straw hats boringgggg!!!

Remedy: Enjoy the sunshine with a bowler hat!

Symptom #9

I can no longer see in paint this black swimsuit that I only wear to perfect my goddess body at the municipal pool.

Cure: Clap your Oystie and become that naiad that glitters with a thousand lights while running in slow motion on the playa!

Symptom #10

I love my handbag but I'm getting tired of seeing it every day 

Remedy: Add any clap to the flap and it will delight you again! 

To infinity and beyond!

And we're not even talking about that belt that just needs to be woken up, that bag that was forgotten a little too quickly, and why not those pants that need to be lit up.

As you can see, there is no limit to an inspired upClapper! So let's get started?